Question Not every frog designs on the @unitedfrogs instagram account are available on your website. Will you add those designs in the near future?
AnswerYes. I usually add in priority new product based on frog designs that are the most popular among United Frogs fans. If you want a specific frog design available as a product on United Frogs website, you can contact me and tell me which frog number you are interested in. You can find the number on a given frog instagram post which is shown as follow: “#unitedfrogs #frogXXX”. It usually takes me 2~3 business days until the frog design is made available in the shop.
Question Right now there’s only few product available. Will you propose more product in the future?
AnswerYes. Right now T-Shirt are the main product that we propose, but we are thinking to add smartphone cases, Pillow, Hoodies and so on. If you subscribed to the United Frogs newsletter, we will update you regularly on changes and new addition.